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  About the designer              ( FR - NL - EN )


       Maxime Edward is a Belgian fashion consultant and designer from the Philippines.  Originally interested in producing and directing movies, he later changed track to become interested in fashion. He graduated from the Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer in Brussels but began putting together his own collection before the end of his apprenticeship.  He started experimenting with more and more sophisticated cuts whilst staying loyal to his personal tastes. 


       Versatility is the key-word of his training. Indeed, thanks to the diversity of his internships and the elaboration of personal projects, he has, bit by bit, acquired and mastered the skills of his chosen profession, leading to a patronage.  His is completely self-taught in sewing and drawing.


       His inspirations are multiple and undefined. A number of his creations are spontaneous and vary depending on his sensitivity and mood when he is inspired.  In his designs, Maxime exploits different elements and technical details which are together representative of his identity.  In the beginning he created predominantly for women but has recently began designing for men in order to demonstrate his flexibility.  Designing for men is very different:  his outfits for men are just as sophisticated as for the women but mix classic-style and streetwear, whilst having a sporty and chic approach; the image of a modern man, with a somewhat dark and mystical edge.


       Maxime’s work reflects slightly austere esthetics, can be said to be a touch theatrical with structured cuts for a dynamic look while looking for moderation and a balance between sobriety and fantasy. All this whilst hoping to achieve a ‘high fashion’ look that this young creator is particular keen on.


Helped by his extensive portfolio, Maxime has been offered an internship with Alexandre Vauthier at the end of his studies.

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